Daydreaming with Tabitha Willett

Daydreaming with Tabitha Willett

Tabitha Willett 


A little bit more about yourself:

I am 28 years old, live in London and I have a 1 year old daughter called Ottilie. I dream of living in the low country in the US with a white picket fence and wrap around porch, but London is our home for now.

How you start your day:

I always have cuddles in bed with my daughter. It sets off my day with so much gratitude and love! Since the weather has been so lovely I have been enjoying going to the park for breakfast and a run around with my daughter and King Charles Spaniel before heading home before it gets too hot.

How you fill your day:

I am loving creating beautiful content at the moment, there are so many gorgeous corners of London that I keep discovering for photoshoots and the fashion this Summer is the best I have ever seen.

How you end your day:

A long bath with Netflix and scented candles.

Go-to recipe:

Pasta, with creamy sauce. Vegetables optional, cheese essential.

Go-to cocktail:

Margarita on the rocks with a half salt rim and fresh chilli 

Go-to take out:

Thai, Mostly because I love it and can’t cook it myself so it’s a real treat.

Always in your kitchen:


Always in your home:

Fresh flowers and scented candles. 

“Feel good” song:

The You & Me Song by the Wannabes. It was going  to be our first dance song at our wedding earlier this Summer before plans all became changed.

Ultimate self care tip or ritual:

I find with enough sleep and water I am good to go. I also think alone time is vital for self care and grounding yourself.

What’s inspiring you right now:

All my moodboards lately have images from Georgia and South Carolina in the US. It just looks like such a warm, slow and happy way of living. 

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow:


Content that takes you to a different place (a book, show and/or movie):

I am not much of a reader, and I’m so time poor now with the babe I can’t remember the last time I picked up a good novel. But I love flicking through Charlie Mackesy to help me with my daily gratitude. I have just finished watching The Morning Show and Little Fires everywhere which I haven’t stopped thinking about for days. They both moved me so much.

Your home away from home (restaurant, coffee shop, or city):

Henley-On-Thames where I grew up. My mother also grew up there and there is such a familiarity around it. Restaurant and City are two in the same - Casa Tua in Miami, where my fiance proposed to me. I return year on year and absolutely love it.

Daydreaming of being (vacation spot):

In Barbados at Sandy Lane with my husband (to be!) and daughter. We were supposed to be going for our honeymoon but cancelled when the world went into chaos.

What will you be wearing:

The India Dress in solid blush.