Daydreaming with Olivia Penfold

Daydreaming with Olivia Penfold

Olivia Penfold, Interior Designer


A little bit more about yourself:

Hi! I am Olivia Penfold. I have an interior design company, Olivia Penfold Interiors
based out of Los Angeles. I am passionate about color and love to travel the world to explore different cultures and environments.

How you start your day:

I wake up in the morning put a scoop of Vital Proteins in my coffee and jet off to Body by Simone. Dancing is my ultimate workout and a fun way to get my exercise in.

How you fill your day:

I am so fortunate to work my dream job. I fill my days designing beautiful spaces and gathering all the necessary objects to complete my projects.

How you end your day:

My favorite nights are when I get to meet my girlfriends for a La Scala Chopped salad and a glass of wine. I value all my friendships and love ending my day with the people I love.

Go-to recipe:

I love to make Turkey Bolognese. I substitute zoodles when I am going for a lighter
meal. I make a huge batch of it and freeze it to enjoy with multiple meals.

Go-to cocktail:

The OP skinny Margarita! Tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice. Cointreau adds that extra tang and really spices it up!

Go-to take out:

Larchmont Wine and Cheese sandwiches. I grew up in Hancock Park and it’s the
absolute best sandwich in Los Angeles.

Always in your kitchen:

Green grapes. I am a huge snacker so I try to keep grapes at all time so I don’t
automatically reach for the chips

Always in your home:

A large Dipytique candle. Whenever I have company or even when I am by myself I love to light candles. I believe it makes your home cozy and the smell is beautiful.

“Feel good” song:

Here comes the Sun by the Beatles

Ultimate self care tip or ritual:

Rose water Toner by Fresh. I have been using this product for ten years. I swear by it! It's extremely hydrating and my skin glows after I use it. I have a travel size and use it throughout the flight.

What’s inspiring you right now:

Dr. Deborah Birx who is the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House. Every time she comes on television I immediately feel a wave of calmness and I am so grateful for all the work she is doing for our country. Plus her scarf game is incredible!

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow:

I love @landofbelle for the best curated home accessories. She scours the globe for
curated and unique pieces. I also love @rderavenel, Rebecca de Ravenel. I have more pairs of her famous bon bon earrings than I care to admit! Her feed is colorful and fun and always brightens my day. Lastly, I love @hayleybloom, Hayley Bloomingdale. Her life in London and adventures at Moda Operandi are all so dreamy!

Content that takes you to a different place (a book, show and/or movie):

I love all Nancy Meyers movies. Her sets are always impeccable and I love how she
brings design into every script. My ultimate dream is to live in Diane Keaton’s Hamptons house in Something’s Gotta Give.

Your home away from home (restaurant, coffee shop, or city):

My happy place is the restaurant Ivy by the Shore in Santa Monica. Best food, best
flowers, best drinks, and overall fun vibe!

Daydreaming of being (vacation spot):

Ischia! I am dying to get back to Italy and Ischia is my favorite island. Staying at the
Mezzatore Hotel transports you to a magical era and it is the ultimate vacation.

What you’ll be wearing:

The Giselle Dress