Daydreaming with Katherine Lloyd

Daydreaming with Katherine Lloyd

Katie Lloyd, Director of Business Development at The Bevy


A little bit more about yourself:

LA native living in NYC, UC Berkeley alum, food & fitness enthusiast, happiest by a body of water, Hufflepuff at heart

How you start your day:

Hydrate (with a glass of water and a cup of apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger and lemon), meditate, workout! Those are my non-negotiables in the morning

How you fill your day:

Typically, with FaceTime calls with potential new members for The Bevy! We’ve recently had a lot of success with virtual setups. When I am not working I am either reading/learning something new, painting or tanning on my couch 

How you end your day:

I check-in with my family, watch the sunset, make dinner with my boyfriend and then either play a game of backgammon/darts or watch the occasional show before getting ready for bed. Recently, I also situate at my window and clap for the healthcare heroes

Go-to recipe:

Baked empanadas + chimmichurri – everything tastes better wrapped in delicious homemade dough

Go-to beverage:

A glass of Sancerre

Go-to take out:

Sauce Pizzeria @saucepizzerianyc

Always in your kitchen:

Avocados – I eat one everyday

Always in your home:

Flowers/white roses

“Feel good” song:

It’s a tie between I Say A Little Prayer (Aretha Franklin) & Let’s Get Loud (JLO) 

Ultimate self care tip or ritual:

Do what works for you. There are so many “tips” out there for what you SHOULD be doing, it can get overwhelming. Create a routine that YOU feel good about. If you connect with it, you’re more likely to be consistent with it.

What’s inspiring you right now:

The Happiness Lab podcast. I’ve cried listening to at least 3 of their episodes this past week because I was so moved. Also constantly inspired by organizations like @hashtag_inmyscrubs & @invisiblehandsdeliver who are pulling together to help healthcare workers and people in our community during this time

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow:


I also follow a lot of personal trainers – I like to feel inspired when I open my Instagram

Content that takes you to a different place:

The Book of Joy

Your home away from home:

Poolside at Soho House New York – I love and miss everyone who works there, they are fun to be around and always make it feel like home.

Daydreaming of being:

Caymans Islands (supposed to be on their white sand beaches as we speak!)

What will you be wearing:

The Carly cover up