Daydreaming with Julia Zimmelman

Daydreaming with Julia Zimmelman

Julia Zimmelman, Owner of Julia Zimmelman Jewelry


A little bit more about yourself:

I was born and raised in Venice and can never get enough of the beach. I'm currently studying social media and marketing at FIDM while I juggle my new jewelry line

How you start your day:

I wake up, wash my face and brush my teeth (washing my face is my favorite ritual!). I make an iced matcha latte and then do some Sculpt Society 

How you fill your day:

Family walks with my dog Zuma, Zoom chats with my besties, and some creative work that differs from day-to-day

How you end your day:

Binging any Bravo TV show

Go-to recipe:

I love making fried rice, it’s so easy and yummy and I can basically throw anything in there that I have in my fridge!

Go-to cocktail:

A dirty dirty martini ;)

Go-to take out:

My neighborhood Thai food place, In 'N Out or Sugarfish.

Always in your kitchen:

Matcha powder and apples (apples are my favorite snack!)

Always in your home:

Perfect smelling candles (currently burning Le Labo’s Calone scent)

“Feel good” song:

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Ultimate self care tip or ritual:

Consistency is important. Specifically with skincare, make sure you’re using the right products and being diligent about not skipping your routine so you are always glowing

What’s inspiring you right now:

The bioluminescent waves! I saw them and it was amazing.

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow:


Content that takes you to a different place:

Normal People (the book) and Outerbanks the tv show!

Your home away from home:

I frequent (sometimes too often) Hama Sushi in Venice and Cha Cha Matcha on Abbot Kinney, and Maui is my second home!

Daydreaming of being (vacation spot):

London, Maui and Mexico

What will you be wearing:

The Evie Dress