Daydreaming with Ariana Mateen

Daydreaming with Ariana Mateen

Ariana Mateen, Paloma Blue co-founder


A little bit more about yourself:

Londoner living in LA. Co-founder of Paloma Blue. Happiest with my husband and my family preferably by the beach wearing one of our pieces and another one in my beach bag! 

How you start your day:

Can’t seem to start my day recently without a large iced coffee or matcha and a 1 hour pilates session. 

How you fill your day:

Typically I start my day (post caffeine) facetiming my family who are unfortunately all 8 hours ahead of me in London! I then facetime with my partner Lottie in London to go through our weekly  to do lists as well as looking at samples, fabrics and prints.  I try to work out before lunch and these days take an afternoon walk  before prepping dinner for my husband and I. Thankfully I have also had some time the last few months to work on our wedding albums which takes forever! 

How you end your day:

A hot shower, followed by an early dinner and some good netflix.

Go-to recipe for nights in: 

The carbone spicy Rigatoni is my new obsession or Mexican night, guacamole, cauliflower rice and chicken fajitas.

Go-to cocktail:

Definitely either a Paloma or a glass of Rose filled with ice cubes.

Go-to take out:

Recently I have been loving this new place Impasta in LA, they have amazing zoodles and cauliflower gnocchi! Otherwise, I would have to say Sugarfish! 

Always in your home:

Flowers make a house a home. Also a big fan of Diptique candles burning throughout my apartment..

“Feel good” song:

Currently loving  Jubel - Dancing in the Moonlight

Ultimate self care tip or ritual:

Face mask Sundays. Nothing I like more than getting into my PJ’s on a Sunday late afternoon, face masking, and getting into bed! The rest of the week, pilates is definitely a form of therapy! 

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow:









What you’re reading:

About to start Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

What you’re watching: 

Just finished Bosch, an amazing detective show. In need of some recommendations for the next choice..any ideas?!

Daydreaming of being (vacation spot):

Was hoping to go back to Florence, Italy to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary and then spend some time on the Amalfi Coast. Il Pelicano is high on my wishlist After that, a summer doesn’t normally pass by where I don’t make it to Mykonos so I would have to add that in!  A  girl can dream!

What will you be wearing:

The Jasmine Cover Up in All Colors