Daydreaming with Amy Fraser

Daydreaming with Amy Fraser

Amy Fraser, Founder of OKREAL 


A little bit more about yourself:

I'm the founder of OKREAL: a self-development platform for modern women. I returned to my native New Zealand in recent years after a decade in New York, and travel back frequently for work (well, used to anyway!) I also have a 2 year old boy, Ra. 

How you start your day:

My partner rolls over in bed and says I love you every morning. Then I go cuddle my little boy and put the coffee on. 

How you fill your day:

It’s a chaotic mess of getting my kid to kindy, on calls back and forth with the OKREAL team and clients in the US, filming or editing one of our online courses, writing or filming responses to ASK AMY letters, trying to wrangle our content schedule, picking up my boy, then doing the whole parenting evening schedule - before finally making dinner together when Ra is in bed. 

How you end your day:

If I’m lucky I’m usually treated to some sort of musical performance by Ben and Ra with the piano and guitar. 

Go-to recipe:

Nothing beats fresh New Zealand fish with capers and butter. 

Go-to cocktail:

Mezcal, soda, grapefruit. 

Go-to take out:


Always in your kitchen:

Red wine. 

Always in your home:

Music and laughter.

“Feel good” song:

Say a little prayer, Aretha Franklin

Ultimate self care tip or ritual:

My people are my self-care. Being close with my family and my friends (no matter how far) are my go-to-source for looking after myself. 

What’s inspiring you right now:

I find that work inspires ideas, not the other way around. I feel best when I’m working hard and in a state of growth. 

Favorite Instagram accounts to follow:


Content that takes you to a different place (a book, show and/or movie):

Reading. I’ve just finished City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert which was a nice little oasis of escapism.

Your home away from home (restaurant, coffee shop, or city):

New York!

What will you be wearing:

The Jodie Shorts