Daydreaming with Alexa Mateen Abdi

Daydreaming with Alexa Mateen Abdi

Alexa Mateen Abdi, Founder of LALA LÉXA

@alexamateenabdi @lalalexa

How you start your day:

First thing I do is check my emails. Once my eyes fully open, I wash my face & brush my teeth. Sit on the couch and drink my favorite tea, Earl Grey Crème by Art of Tea. Then, I’ll go on a little walk before it gets too hot out...before I start preparing a yummy lunch.  

How you fill your day:

Wake up, emails, tea, walk, (maybe: dance work out video), prepare lunch, eat lunch, clean up lunch, do some work — answer emails, organize another part of the house, prepare dinner, eat dinner, clean dinner, tea, sleep, REPEAT!  

Go-to recipe:

Homemade Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps  

Go-to cocktail:

Anejo on the rocks  

Go-to take out:

Erewhon or Jon & Vinnys 

Always in your kitchen:

Pasta sauce, baking ingredients, potato chips, canned tuna (slow to expire!) 

Always in your home:

Fresh flowers, duh 

“Feel good” song:

I have so many... this week: Hollywood by Madonna 

Ultimate self care tip or ritual:

There’s nothing a long steamy shower can’t fix: a good body scrub, hair mask, followed by lathering up with a good body cream (I put on sweats and socks after to lock in the moisture) 

Daydreaming of being (vacation spot):

 I’m tied at...Capri vs Mykonos. Depending on my mood :) 

What you’ll be wearing:

The Bronte Dress in Rainbow Multi